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Thor's Hammer Mjollnir large Model

Thor's Hammer Mjollnir large Model

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"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor"

"Thor Odinson, my heir, my first-born. So long entrusted with the mighty hammer, Mjølnir. Forged in the heart of a dying star. Its power has no equal as a weapon to destroy, or as a tool to build. It is a fit companion for a king."

The god of thunder's chosen weapon is the mighty hammer known as Mjolnir. Given to him by his father Odin, the hammer is said to have the power to level mountains. Using the original Thor Hammer Prop Replica is expertly crafted from high-grade PVC. The 1:1 scale Thor Hammer Prop Replica makes an impressive addition to any collection

Hammer size: 45*22*13cm

This product is a simulation product with a high degree of similarity and is as hard as metal and light in weight. It is ideal for collection, cosplay, children's toy and Halloween props.

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